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Picture Story: The King Who Had Four Wives But Never Loved Them Equally.

The story of this king is one that touches the heart of anyone who reads to the end. This story however opens our eyes to the lot of things that happen in our life how we pay attention to things that do not matter and then ignore the major and important things we are not meant to forget even for one day. Photo and story credit goes to "dermic" story. As would be seen in the story, how do you treat your soul? No one asks you not to take care of your physical body but how do you treat your soul? The only one and only thing that would leave this earth with you is your soul. This serves as an entertainer and an informer. Open your mind and make changes where necessary and you shall be glad you finally did at the end. What shall it profit a man to gain and have the whole world but leave his soul to perish in hell? Think about it.If you fund this piece of story informative or nice please drop a comment. Thank you.

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