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If You Always Laugh Loud, Then Don't See These Memes

This memes have composed will make you laugh away your sorrow.

Hey kid, you may remember me from the alphabet.

Fair guys after one round.

You are traveling in a train and you suddenly see this.

Six packs coming soon.

After lockdown.


When you buy second hand power bank and your phone starts charging the power bank.

Who do this?.

My application as a NEPA staff has just been approved.


School closed till further notice.

A brave man save the poor girl during flood.

Nigeria Superman.

When you want to use yourself for money ritual but someone have already used you.

Waec is on Monday and I can't find my waec uniform.

When ATM tells you insufficient funds.

What we are taught in class vs What we see in exam.

Being a guy is not easy, you wake up in the morning and wait for your chairman to calm down before you come out.

Tom is now a big boy now.

School will be open next week.

When you greet people and they don't respond, what do you normally say in silence?.

Imagine I work in a NEPA office and you break my heart.

My reaction when I get home late.

When some girl want to flirt with you but you already have a girlfriend.

Content created and supplied by: Semoshina (via Opera News )

ATM NEPA Nigeria Superman


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