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10 Pictures That Look Photoshopped But Are Actually Real

Have you ever come across a picture that looks too good or too incredible to be true? We see perfectly photoshopped pictures everyday online, so it is quite difficult to discern between what's real and what is not.

Check out these Unbelievable pictures that you would swear are Photoshopped, but are real.


This picture defies the law of gravity, as it is technically impossible to walk or stand on water. However, this picture was not edited at all. It was just perfectly timed.


Looking at this picture, one could swear that it is animated, but it is just a sculpture in New Zealand. Impressive right?


If you think this is a filtered picture, then you are wrong. This is the drag performer Detox posing alongside actress Candice Cayne. She used makeup to create the appearance of a grayscale look in this unedited pictures.


This picture looks too perfectly synchronized to be real. And it looks like someone used a mirroring effect on this soldier, however this is a picture of thousands of well trained soldiers marching in perfect unison.


This tap popularly known as the magic tap, looks very peculiar and has baffled visitors to Aqualand in Spain for years. People wonder how it stays up without any support, and where the water comes from. The pipe supporting the tap is well disguised in the water itself.


This pole is severely burnt off and completely disconnected from the ground. This is very tricky as it makes people wonder how it is able to stay above ground and support the wires at the same time. The answer to this is that the wires are holding up the pole and preventing it from falling off.


This picture which looks like a building from a horror movie, is actually a drape, used by a construction company, to cover their building from the view of onlookers.


This picture makes one wonder how a huge heap of books could fit through such a small window. This is just a sculpture called the falling book sculpture.


This weird looking railroad having this shape as a result a an earthquake. So this picture is completely unedited.


This Yacht is not stuck on a cliff. It is the Sun Cruise Resort of South Korea, and was designed on a cliff to resemble a Yacht.

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Content created and supplied by: EstheticGirl (via Opera News )

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