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See pictures of how Nigeria will be, after finishing all her project in the next 30 years

As we all know , that Nigeria is a country with many populations and also known as the giant of Africa.

Nigeria is referred to as the giant of Africa in many ways , because it contains many mineral resources than any other countries in Africa, her population is much than any other countries. And also has higher GDP than most of the countries .

Just recently, when I saw the pictures of the holding projects in Nigeria, I was wondering how the Country will be in the next 30 years .

Nigeria can be fine , as many other countries after finishing those projects especially, in Lagos state and the capital and any other state in the country

Let is take a look on how the Country will look like , in the next 30 years .







Good , as we have all seen the pictures, let is pray for Nigeria, so that it can look like this in the next 30 years .

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