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Which Of This Bongo Artists Was Your Favourite?

In life, people are known by what there do or produce, we know people for different culture and tradition, but we are talking music here.

In music, when you talk about highlife music, you talk about anambra state. The state is good in producing highlife music, and talking about Ogene music, you can’t take that away from Enugu, the coal city state. But when it comes to Bongo music in Nigeria. Imo state have no rival on that. They had been series of bongo music produced and sang by different artist in Imo state.

Lets look at this artist and tell which of them really gave you good time listening to them.

DR. SIR FOREIGNER (eze bongo) 

Dr Sir Foreigner arguably is one of the best Bongo artists of all times. As a Bongo lover, I rate him highly because he is so talented. His greatest undoing is "poor packaging". Even his musical instruments appear dirty. His handlers if he had any killed him

SUNNY BOBO (old skool) 

The album old skool was released 24th April 2010, and sold over a million copies. The album remain his best as others could not beat the ranking of the first.

CHIMA EKE (Obareze)

This is another artist who is up to standard when it comes to bongo music, he is also very talented.


The only man who took bongo music to the northern part of Nigeria and came back with a wife.

SHAMA MELODY (motor mixture) 

The only artist in Nigeria that drives motor with different parts.

CHIMUANYA (oge chi ka nma)

This is one of the best bongo album over a decade .


Another hit album of bongo


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