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My son walked in on me and my secretary and he found us doing this (FICTION)

My son and I have a very strong relationship as we are very close and have an open relationship.

I am a single dad and it has actually been tough looking after my only son because I lost my wife after two years of his birth but we have been making it through together.

My son was never keen on me getting a new wife or getting someone to act as his mother because he didn't care. We were making it through together and it had been a great cruise for the both of us.

I really work hard and I needed assistance in my office at work and I got myself a secretary who would work to assist me in my office at work. A female she was, beautiful and wonderful angel who really came at the right time in my mind.

She actually knew a lot of things and we began to bond little by little and had some moments alone together talking, reading some work articles together and some other things. It was a wonderful relationship between the boss and the staff.

Like I said my son and I have a strong relationship, where we can talk about everything and everyone.

We usually have long chats, play a lot together and make time out to see movies and have fun. But during the weekend on Saturday myself and my son had an argument about what we never used to talk about.

We argued about his mother which we have never argued about since her death because I felt he was over that and that caused us to have a fight which shouldn't have happened.

And it caused him to leave the house, he was old enough to make that decision I perceived. I felt he just went down the street to his friends' house so I knew he was safe and expected him to come back immediately but he didn't do so.

And when I confirmed from his friends' parents they made it known to me that he was not there.

I became really conflicted and anxious in my mind and it made me worried. But also on that day my secretary and I had a meeting in my house to sort out some files and we were together in the sitting room.

She was actually there to clear my mind off things and relax my mind and assured me that my son would come back home.

She was about leaving but just decided to stay and help me in the house. Then she cooked up a treat for us to eat even if my mind was still bothered on the whereabouts of my son.

And to clear my mind my secretary and I decided to do something I would have never expected to do.

You know what, I never expected what followed next.

My son just walked in on us as we were praying together for his return and to my surprise the prayer was answered very quickly. All thanks to God.

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