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Wonders Shall Never End, See The Reason A Lady Drag Her Friend On Twitter (See Screenshot)

 A lady called took to her twitter page to express her mind concerning a dispute that has taken place between then. This dispute may has lasted to 7 years base on the chat. See Screenshot:

She has not been nice on dragging her to social media. Thw would have find a way to solve the problem, it would have been better.

Mediation, reconciliation and good offices are three methods of peaceful settlement of disputes by which third parties seek to assist the parties to a dispute in reaching a settlement. All involve the intervention of a supposedly disinterested individual, State, commission, or organization to help the parties.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is any formal or informal process to settle disputes without a trial. Mediation, arbitration, and other forms of ADR are growing in popularity. ... Litigation refers to lawsuits, the process of filing claims in court, and ultimately going to trial.

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