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See Why Deadpool Is Not An Avenger

As we all know, Deadpool is a antihero, who is Marvel's form of joker. Deadpool (Ryan) is not a good guy, neither his he a bad guy. In this article you'll be seeing why Deadpool in considered as an avenger. Deadpool is no doubt a strong, sometimes deceiving, and socially friendly kind of antihero. 

One of the reasons why he can't be an avenger is that Deadpool loves daring people, that is one of the things is really good at. Deadpool has a scheming way of pushing people to their bad side, and they are some avengers that don't take joke as pleasantries. For example, Thor and Deadpool are no good match. 

Deadpool is no doubt an immortal, which is like a handy tool for the avengers, but on another hand, Deadpool has this personality of no cooperating with team. He believes in working alone. And that's not a good attribute if you want to be an avenger.

Deadpool don't like the word 'sorry'. If you hurt or offend Deadpool, he's going to kill you hands down irrespective of who you are, and that's not a good attribute as well.

So these are the most important reasons why he cannot be an avenger. Aside that, Deadpool is a cool antihero who's never bored. 

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