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Igbo Ladies are not Lazy, their Cultural Responsibilities should not be used against them.

It is not just unfair but also absurd to say that Igbo ladies are lazy. It is even more annoying when the people saying so are of Igbo origin because they are all from the same culture. Igbo culture treats children according to gender. It is only in Igbo culture that the importance and dominant nature of boy child is well exemplified.

The boy child is treated with more respect than girl child not because there is love lost for the girl child but because they are believed to marry and change their father's name to that of their husband. For this reason, the men are trained to be strong, hardworking and able to provide for your families.

Igbo lady who buys cars or lands is seen as an unsubmissive, arrogant and over wise lady. Because it is assumed that she can not be controlled easily by her husband. The hard truth is that no Igbo man is ready to marry any single Igbo lady that has landed properties unless she is from wealthy family where it is believed that the father gave it to her.

Igbo ladies according to Igbo culture are considered as home keepers. They take care of the children, Cook and care for the family. She is not expected to go out and hustle for money that's why they are called Oriaku ( who enjoys wealth).

Before it is very rare to see Igbo women of child bearing age or who had toddlers in markets doing business. An average Igbo man wants to be in charge of his home. He wants to answer the man of the house and so believe that providing for his family is his primary duties.

Even in husband house , Igbo ladies are expected to be humble, submissive and take care of all his family members. Igbo women whether married or not have no business building house in Igbo culture. It is only recently that Igbos adjusted a little to see a woman that buys cars as normal.

If Yoruba woman buys car and house it is because their their culture believes in equality of all gender.

The person speaking against Igbo ladies, should also speak about I'll treatment meted out to them in terns of their father's properties or is the person not aware that Yoruba woman has properties both in her father's house and husband's house.

If Igbo ladies are interested in fighting for their husband's wealth, it's because that's is only where she gets a little say in their life. Also know that they are only fighting for their children not for themselves.

Comment and Share until it gets to Mr Noble Igwe, because Igbo women are they most hardworking, intelligent, humble and patient women in Nigeria.

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