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Fiction: The Sad Part Of My Wedding Night, Woman Shares Her Experience

Fiction: The Sad Part Of My Wedding Night, Woman Shares Her Experience

I am Cynthia by name. But before I narrate my story, i just want you to imagine, the saddest thing that can happen to a lady, who was left by six different guys due to one reason or the other, both reasonable reasons, and unreasonable reasons, and now I finally got married to this man at the age at the age of thirty six. So I write this story with deep sorrow in my heart, and at the same time, just advice me accordingly, because right now, I want to take the most drastic decision, I haven't made in my life.

Like I said, I am thirty six presently, my life has been rough especially in relationships, and I said that six men left me, I came from a rich family and I am the only child, so some of those men came to my life to dupe me and gather my money, some of them were violent at the same time, some came to eat me and drop me, but one thing I am always happy about is that, I didn't spoil myself, I didn't have anything intimate with any of those guys, the last man before this one that I just married, came to gather my parents money, and the on the wedding day, he decided not to show up, that was almost the time I ran mad, because I haven't seen that before, not to talk of experiencing it.

So that's just what I have experienced so far with my past relationships, so when this one came I was really glad, and I prayed to God that he should help me keep this, and we planned our marriage, and we got married, the man is very caring, he is kind, he is just different from all the other men that came into my life, and I was happy I got this man to myself. And even my parents, my relatives were really happy for me. You can imagine what my body will feel like, when it comes to urge and I haven't had any man to pour my urge on, but on my wedding night I was happy that at last I will be able to fulfill one of my urge, but low and behold, what I noticed made me so sad.

So, as we were planning to sleep and do the needful between husband and wife, I noticed my husband is impotent, and he never told me about it, and he started begging me and saying he's sorry, I felt so bad and all the past experience started flooding my heart, and I started feel weak and sick, I don't know what to do now, I am really sad, I feel bad, and I am about to take the most drastic decision of my life, and in my belief, we can't divorce someone who we have been joined to. This is really a cross road for me. 

Please advice me, what do I do?

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