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Regina 18, got married to Nwoko, 63 - Man defend 40 years old man who married 11 years old girl

A man with the hashtagl ai_of_truth has thrown his support behind a 40 years old man who married an 11 years old girl in Delta insisting if the act is wrong, then Regina Daniels,18, who married Ned Nwoko at 63 should be Arrested too.

The video 'father marries off 11 years old daughter to a 40 year old man in Delta State' has been trending since yesterday, 15th of July, 2020 on social media with comment against or for it. 

Others condemned the act, calling on the police to rescue the girl from the bondage of the so called marriage.

Here are the comments:

@lai_of_truth :Arrested..? Why...? #reginaDaniels 18 got married to Pa. #NedNwoko 63. So by the time the little girl would be 18, the man would be 47 yrs. So, why not arrest Ned Nwoko....? It's southern things Biko🤷

@Albasary3: Supposed it happen in the northern part of this sure the comment would have full my timeline..Hypocritical human being.

@aristodsavage:It's not about being hypocritical. Can you see they were arrested they weren't celebrated. But if it was your people, you will be rejoicing. It is child abuse and that is why they were arrested. Know the difference. Olodo.

@jonathan2real: As bad as this is, we do not have the moral ground to criticize those men bcos the Nigerian constitution allows it. The age o consent in the Nigerian constitution is 11yrs. That is why the northern senators and ordinary people rape small children in disguise of marriage (consent).

@jonathan2real:And this is why child rape will always be prevalent here in Nigeria. In a normal environment, those men will be castrated and imprisoned for life. So, it is bad but our constitution allows it.

@goddyphyllis:Now this is the height of irresponsibility on the part of the father and the community. @thegirdlengr @GPtoEndFGM Together we can put an end to Child Marriage. Say No to Gender Based Violence. #NoToChildMarriage. #NoToSexualAbuse.

@Dregue7:Foolish man that's no marriage but trading his own daughter for money. How long before he finishes the money he claimed to be the bride price yeye man.

@jonathan2real:In a normal country, they will be. But no one can here in Nigeria because the marriage is legal and he is within his rights as provided by the foolish constitution.

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