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The Daughters Of African Richest Man Living A Simple And Cheap Lifestyle

Good day readers of Opera Hub.

I come with another interesting writeup for you. This is about the impressive lifestyles of the three daughters of Aliko Dangote, African richest man on earth. You will be thrilled at the way this three gorgeous daughters of Dangote live their lives. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Fatima, Mariya and Halima Dangote.

The billionaire have three daughters and one adopted son, my focus today in on the biological daughters of Dangote. Mariya, Fatima and Halima are the daughters of billionaire industrialist, Aliko Dangote, but if you meet them, you wouldn’t know their father is so wealthy. The ladies are so down-to-earth and courteous that many marvel at the wonderful upbringing they must have had. They don’t wear their father's fortune on the sleeves. Even those who have met them must have one or two positive things to say about them. The only thing that makes you know that they are Dangote’s daughter is the huge resemblance they share with him. Yes, if they had been boys, you would have mistaken them for Dangote’s younger brothers. Unlike many silver spoon kids of their ilk who are brash and paint the social scene in a variety of colours, the Dangote girls prefer to keep a low profile.

Fatima Dangote

Fatima is the youngest of all. Studied in one of the best schools in the united Kingdom. Fatima is into confectionaries, and she sits atop the Cupcake Factory. She's married to Captain Jamil Abubakar, son of former Inspector General of Police.

Halima Dangote

Halima also obtained an excellent education abroad, first, at the American Intercontinental University London, from which she has graduated with a degree in marketing, later, she got a Master’s degree in Business Administration at Webster Business School in London. She is married to the son of former Kano state Governor Umar sulaiman. She performs the duties of the executive director at Dangote Industry Limited.

Mariya Dangote

Mariya Dangote received a Master’s degree from the Coventry University and has ever since been in close relationship with her father. Despite her rich background, Mariya is calm and would not be found in social gatherings as she prefers to keep a low profile. Although, she has her chains of friends, but you hardly see her posting photographs on Instagram or Facebook.

More pictures of the Dangote Daughters:

This is a very exciting lifestyle. Today, many who come from money live different lifestyle from this. You will find them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook flaunting their families fortune, displaying expensive cars, houses, jewelries, and other exotic groceries thereby fueling envy and jealousy to members of the lower class. If only this insanity is stopped, greed and the struggle to live a fake life will definitely fade.

Today, many young children in their mid twenties and even teenagers get arrested for one crime or another motivated by the desire to show off, to feel rich and sense of belonging to the upper class people in the society. Many are into fraud and scams just to get quick money and brag about it.

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