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Do You Have A Gap Teeth(diastema)? See What It Means And Tells About You

Most people don’t actually know the proper English name for a gap tooth. There mostly call it “open teeth” but the real name is diastema. Gap teeth is very attractive for those with well formed teeth and people now go the extent of creating it artificially.

Diastema is the little space that is found between two teeth. It is mostly found in kids but adult too now possess it. It is created when an individual’s teeth structure is too little for the jaw bone. An excess of teeth can also cause this. There are some people that loses their tooth when there fall or have any accident and that space can also gradually turn to a diastema.

Below are some facts and truth associated with having a gap teeth.

1.    Too intelligent

Those who have gap teeth are mostly associated with intelligence, creativity and abilities. It is normally said that those who have gap teeth are clever and this is mostly common among the ladies.

2.    Good with money

People who have gap teeth also know how to manage finances and are very accountable. There are very incredible when it comes to dealing with monetary issues.

3.    Healthy eaters

Those who have hole between their teeth are seen as sound eaters. There have the ability to eat varieties of food every time.

4.    Career wise

It is said that among all the species of human, those with gap teeth are very effective, excellent and when it comes to career, there have a very consistent profession. 

5.    Talkative

You will discover that those who have gap teeth can mostly talk and that is true. The reason is those who have gap teeth are viewed as people who have the character of talking.

6.    Fertility and beautiful

Gap teeth people are mostly associated with high level of sex drive, fertility beauty. It is viewed as a very strong sign of sex drive in a country like Ghana.

Gap teeth is a very beautiful thing to have but unfortunately, very few people are blessed with this. Some is even hereditary. All the facts above are common qualities most of the gap teeth people have. It is not that God favored them specially.

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