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How technology has advanced the entertainment industry in Nigeria

In this article I talked about how the old entertainment industry use to operate and how technology has advanced the entertainment industry in Nigeria nowadays.

In the old days, artistes were considered traders and marketers because after going to the studios to record their songs, they found it difficult to also market the songs because of the challenges they faced in the distribution process.

Many of them go round the streets just to sell their CDs, making it difficult to meet the targeted audience.

Musicians like Plantation Boiz, The Remedies, Raskimono, Oritz Wiliki, King Waleman, Majek Fashek, and many others didn’t have the luxury of the distribution process young artistes are getting at ease now.

There were no social media to keep up with their fans, no Twitter, instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and steaming platforms people enjoy today, though if they were any, 80 percent of people could not afford to have computers or smart phones to stream.

They had to travel several miles to meet with their fans. The challenges were enormous. But today, the story has changed for the better and Nigerian entertainers and the Entertainment industry are now connected to the whole world.

The entertainment industry has come a long way from what it used to be, when music and movie making was difficult, with bad picture quality, funny sounds, means of publicity being only television, radio while also remembering those guys who sold cassettes along the road with the music blaring, VCRs and cassettes and buses driving around, advertising movies with speakers blaring.

Who can ever forget the fast paced voice of the advertiser on television telling you to grab your copy now!

Technology has helped in many ways than one, it has helped create a multifaceted and profound entertainment industry. We have more talents, more creative ways in passing across the messages and correcting certain ills in our society through songs and movies.

Not neglecting comedy shows that help us relieve the stress of the day with beautiful picture quality, including better make up and camera qualities that turn the models and actresses into mini goddesses.

Better directing, wonderful medium of selecting talents, good syncing of beats through various applications and equipment and sound management, better lighting during shooting and graphics that could turn any ugly scene to an out of this world scene.

Today we have comedy skits, like those from Broda Shaggi, Ajebo, Crazy Clown and many others.

A large creativity has been infused in the production which is depicted in the concept, fashion, plot and lyrics. A fusion of all these keeps the listener and viewer glued, thus increasing the potential of the successes of that work of art.

Today we have many bloggers and websites that is are always on their toes to find and publish new musics, musical videos, films and more, the very moment the artists or producers releases it.

Talking about our Nigerian free streaming platforms, I will like to name Mino. The NotJustOk Head of Content, Ovie Ofugara in a conference said, the partnership with AfroVibes Radio will enable NotJustOk consumers to enjoy entertainment content & news, created in the USA for Africans. This cross exchange of content will enrich both organizations' brands and enable worldwide audiences to enjoy the best of content from 2 major Entertainment platforms.

With the new streaming service Mino Music app and other capabilities, coupled with AfroVibes radio's global reach in 180 countries worldwide.

Now we are proud to say the future is bright for Afrobeats and African Creatives no matter their region of residence.

Content created and supplied by: sarahTALKS (via Opera News )

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