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Zee world: See the upcoming series that might return

We are all anticipating a new series on Zee World TV. The series that I guess might be repeated is King of heart.

Here is a short summary of the series:

After the death of Siddharth and Roshni their son Karan who survived the tragic accident was brought up their maid, Gangu tai who also lost her son, she then decided to name him after her dead son, Satya instead of calling him Karan. Satya has always dreamt of marrying a girl from a very rich family. He tried to woo Mahi's sister, Koel. Payal daughter, Koel too started to fall in love with Satya. But, Mahi took an instant hatred for him. She thought he was a bad man and was always trying to protect her sister from him. Satya saves Mahi on many occasions, which made the two gradually fall in love with each other. Mahi came to know that Satya was not a bad person, as she fell in love with him. You must be familiar with this story if you are a true fan of Zee World TV.

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