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"I Do Give My Guy 15K Every Month End To Support His Business" - Lady

Affair is a very significant moment of everybody's life. The idea of love in relationship alliance is very important and can never be undermined. Love is basically dedicated on promises and sacrifices.

A lady recently posted on her Facebook page of her generosity towards her boyfriend. She disclosed that she do help her man with an unbelievable amount of money on monthly basis.

The influence or interference of friend in marriage or relationships is condemnable and not helping at all, because marriage ought to be a private affair.

It can be deduced that the guy is not a lazy or gold digger, and there is nothing wrong if a lady supports her boyfriend financially.

Advice giving by peers should not be taken seriously at all times because it may be deceptive. It is even likely that those friends may have interest in the guy.

It seems the guy did not demand even demanded for the money. I think the guy is very desperate to get the attention of the man.

What do you think about this?

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