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10 Behind The Scenes Images That Reveal What Went On The Other Side

Cinema is a different world altogether. It is different from the real world that we live in. As they say, reel can never become real! But these reel stars put in a lot of effort in entertaining us and these BTS images testify that! Let's see what goes behind the screen!

Sheldon and Young Sheldon Together

If you are a Big bang theory fan, you would know how special this image is! Its not everyday that 2 geniuses meet up and pose for a photo! Old Sheldon and Young Sheldon are a treat to watch!

Avengers: Infinity War

I am not even gonna ask how many here are Avengers fan because chances are, all of you are avid fans! And even if you aren't, you must have heard a lot about Avengers. Believe it or not but this is Dr Strange reading dr Strange comic on the sets of Avengers! Wow!

Creed II

Ever wondered what happened to the turtles from Stallone's movie Rocky? Well, Stallone yet lives with them and they are now 46! And they were last seen in Creed II by the way!

IT (1990)

Tim Curry on the set of IT just strolling around during a break is as terrifying as he was in the movie! Do not even try to convince us that this doesn't look scary!

Avengers: Infinity War

Another one from Avengers: Infinity war here! Doesn't Zoë Saldana and her mini version look absolutely adorable together? Such a cute image to be honest!

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Tom cruise is a superstar that resides in billions of hearts all around the world. Him sitting on top of Burj Khalifa is the craziest thing anybody has ever done! Stands true to his image you see!


So did you ever wonder how they shot the entire film with Sharks? No prizes for guessing, they used dummies to do it with a lot of visual effect work! Looked great onscreen!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Did you ever see the real actors behind those masks of Turtles? Well, here are those amazing faces! They did a commendable job in the movie, didn't they?

Forest Gump

Would you believe if we say that this was the very first scene shot for the movie? Tom hanks was wonderful, this movie was wonderful and is definitely a must watch for a lot of reasons!

The Chronicles of Narnia

And let's leave you with this image from Behind The Scenes of The Chronicles of Narnia. So turns out that Lucy loves to hang out with her friend even behind the scenes.

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Avengers Dr Infinity War Strange Young Sheldon


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