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Between Nigerian men and Ghanaian men, who would you choose to marry.(photos)

Between Nigerian men and Ghanaian men, who would you marry.(photos)

We know Africa isn't number one in fashion but you will agree with me that they have a great fashion sense. Africans have now moderated themselves to the extent that they now compete with fashion idols internationally.

But that isn't our main topic in this article, we know Nigerian men are handsome so is Ghanaian, we all know no matter how good looking they are there must always be one who stands out.

Some people might support they fact that Ghanaian men are the best while some go for Nigerian men, as a lady which of these men will you pick if you were to marry one of them based on their looks.

We want you to look carefully before you pick anyone, well I'll go for Ghanian men although am a Nigerian, but I love Ghanaian men alot.

Ghanaian men

Nigerian men


Atimes I find to difficult to differentiate between Nigerian men and Ghanaian men, which make me feels there is no need to compare.

feel free to drop your view and opinions in the comment sections.

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