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Block buster movies you should watch

There are lots of movies out there but only few excite us.

Today I bring to you list of movies you should watch, some with your friends and some alone.

Starting with number 1

Force of nature

It is a block buster film which entails around a police man who was once a private investigator that has to help protect a residence from a man who wanted to steal an expensive drawing in the resident.

The film contains tragedy, humour, action, romance plus it happens all during a rain.

How interesting can the film be, well you will have to find out yourself.

My number 2 today will be

Like a boss

If you are a guy this film might not interest you but it could make you know more about the ladie's world.

And for the ladies this is a film that would helo you learn something valuable about yourself and friends.

The film is about two best friends who owned a company together but when money comes knocking in what is the fate of their company and friendship??

Not gonna tell ya. Go watch the movie.

My number 3 movie is

365 days

Though the film might contain lots of adult scene it is still a block buster movie as it involves romance, lust, action and tragedy.

It is about a man who has to make the woman of his dreams fall in love with him within a year.

Quick note download the film with subtitle if you don't understand spanish.

My number four movie today is

The intern

This film has more adult scene than my number three but don't let us forget that the most important is what the film is about.

This film is about a lady who on her mission to find her missing sister discovers new things about her sister.

My number five movie today is

Payback is a mother

This movie is all about a mother who has to save her children from 3 dangerous men who trapped her children in her father's house but alone. Watch this film with speakers and you wouldn't want to leave your seat. Trust me.

Others include

Bad boys for life : Action and drama

Jumanji the next level : Drama and game

The magic kids : Action and adventure

Friends with benefits : Drama

Below her mouth : Drama

Watch these movies and enjoy.

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