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Hollywood Celebrities you never knew were real life Disney characters.

If you are one of those kids born between mid 90's and mid 2000,you would be so farmiliar with these cartoon characters. 

Because back then, and even now one doesn't seem to get enough of these cartoons. This is because they are not only interesting to watch,but they are filled with much suspense, fun, and a whole lot of lessons to learn from them. 

One would easily fall in love with the characters and would want mummy or daddy to buy ones attire or clothes based on what your favorite cartoon character is wearing or putting on in the cartoon. 

Most of the time, asides a human, being behind the voice of each cartoon characters, there are few times in which the lead actors were drawn based on how the main character looks like in real life. 

Hence, below are a few real cartoon characters that were inspired from humans.

1. Zendaya and Pocahontas

Growing up,this was one of my favorite heroine cartoons. Pocahontas was the daughter of a village chief, who fell in love with a British salor. The sailor came to their land/village to take their timber and other resources.

She eventually fell in love with the sailor against her father's will which forbids those in the village to have something to have to do with an outsider.

It's filled with suspense, anger, revenge, love, and a hope for tomorrow. Hmm, it's one of the cartoons one needs to watch if you haven't seen it yet.

2. Jason Momoa and Scar from The Lion King

This cartoon is ever green. And there's a lot to learn from it anyday; The Lion King cartoon tells a story of a jealous uncle and brother who felt he deserved to be King and not his brother or his nephew.

Hence, he plotted with the hyenas who were forbidden in the kingdom by his brother to overthrow him, by causing his death in a stampede raid, etc.

It's filled with suspense, revenge, love, compassion, and determination. It's also a must watch!

3. Chris Hemsworth with Jessica Chastain and Prince Adam with Belle from The Beauty and the Beast

Celine Dion song; "Tale as old as time" was inspired by this wonderful evergreen cartoon. This cartoon tells a story of a beautiful young maiden, who went in search of her father who was lost in the woods. She didn't know he was captured by a beast and kept as a prisoner in the dongeon of his massive castle.

The beast was once a very handsome young prince that was cursed by an old witch because he was wicked and mean. She casted a spell on him to be transformed into a beast, and every living thing in his massive castle to be transformed into a non-living object.

The said spell would only be broken, if the prince is nice, and if he is lucky to love and also be loved, that's the only condition to have the spell broken.

If this is done, then everything would return back to normal. But you might be thinking, who would even want to love a beast yeah???

4. Henry Cavill and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid

This handsome prince was one of the main characters behind The Little Mermaid. He was the one every other princesses wants to catch, but he had eyes for only the beautiful little mermaid.

Because of how much he loves her, at some point he was put under a spell by the wicked witch of the coast. So that he would hate the princess and turn his back on her. It's a great cartoon to also watch all over again.

5. Nicole Scherzinger and Princess Jasmine from Aladdin

Do you remember Jasmine who fell in love with Alaadin the diamond in the rough? Who was so very much determined to be somebody great in life?

This cartoon is an inspiration to anyone out there born without a silver spoon to be hopeful that you can have all your dreams come into reality if you only believe in yourself. Quite inspiring yeah? You should watch it if you haven't done so yet.

6. Angelina Jolie and Ursula from The Little Mermaid

Ursula was the wicked witch who wanted the prince to fall in love with her at all cost. Hence, she had to put a spell on him to love her and hates the little mermaid.

Like they say, evil can never prevail no matter how long it takes, good will someday triumph over evil. That was the case with the witch. And Angelina Jolie was the character and voice behind it.

7.  Rihanna and Tiana from The Princess and the Frog

Tiana the character in the Princess and the frog was a hard-working lady who wanted to make something worthwhile for herself but didn't have the money to. So when she bumped into a frog who was a human but was transformed into a frog by a voodoo witch doctor. He ie the frog promised her some money, if she would kiss him since she appears or looked like a Princess with a tiara on her head.

The spell would only be broken by the true love of a princess. But Tiana was none. In the course of finding a solution for the Prince who is now a frog to be human again, Tiana and the Prince fell in love.

The cartoon is filled with, fun, adventure, determination, and will power. It's also a must watch.

8. Amy Adams and Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Ariel was also one of the lead character in the little mermaid. She was a princess and the one who fought for the love of her life.

Being the prince that was spell bound by Ursula the wicked witch of the coast. This cartoon is one that states, never give up on the one you love, no matter what.

So which of the above cartoons have you seen before or would you like to watch all over again?

Thanks for reading. Like, comment, and share with your love ones.

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