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35 Funny jokes to make you happy and laugh out loud

A Facebook who is a comedian posted all these jokes on his timeline and I compiled it together for your reading pleasure. Please relax and enjoy it while it last.

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Now, let's go to the main business

1. Mathematics students will understand this better. Simultaneous equations can not be solved one by one, you have to solve it simultaneously.

2. Letter to money. He is begging money to come closer.

3. A very good example of a business failure

4. That's what most friends do. They would tell her the truth. They will keep calling her our wife, our wife.

5. Real jealousy. What's your concern?

6. leave her alone. She will brake her leg.

7. Wait for this to happen First.

8. A match that will be more tough than the champions league.

9. Facebook Free mode.

10. What an advantage here.

11. But wait oo. Tribal mark is not a condition nah. Na appearance e be

12. Please keep it to yourself. This is am advice.

13. Another golden advice.

14. Ok. What's your say about this? Is it true?

Is your sickness serious? Is your relationship serious?

15. Yes. I know. What about you (reader)?

16. This is true o.

17. Raise up your hand. You can signify by writing in the comment below if you left secondary school without stealing a pen. Oya let's see the faithful ones.

18. Please take this valuable advice.

19. I pity her

20. So. This is what you can sell. Anyway no problem, you tried.

21. It hurt a lot.

22. Please tell them

23. At first, this sound as if he want to advertise a product.

24. Can you read this?


26. The devil you know....................

27. "Did it" continuous tense "diding" he may be a professor because go=going so did=diding

28. Confusion here in Nigeria.

29. See greetings.

30. Jokes apart. This is true o

31. You must answer this question, if you are arrogant.

32. Help me ask them

33. Why will you punish the stomach instead of the heart?

34. I don't know either. I wonder.

35. This hurt more then promise and fail.

Content created and supplied by: Buharilaro (via Opera News )


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