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If Sheyi Shay gets a car and Tiwa Savage wants a meal as apology, then all guys should do these

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One of the thing that has been trending online is the fact that Sheyi Shay just got a car from her boyfriend. He got her the car just to apologise, not a proposal gift,not a wedding gift but just a proposal gift and it would seem she has a weakness for cars as she has said.

The car may be the only thing that might get her to forgive her man when he does something to make her angry.

Tiwa Savage on the other hand got an apology letter from a fan who must have believed he hurt her with his words. So he wrote to her apologising about it and hoping she forgives and forget it.

But she responded by saying he should apologise by cooking a meal for her.

It would seem every woman has there way of accepting apologies. If you really want forgiveness from a woman you must have hurt then you need to know the best way to apologise to her. Every woman with their own way,you just have to do what they love most.

Have you ever thought of the different ways to apologise to a Lady without asking her what she wants. Can you really surprise her to extent that she will just forget you hurt her or made her really angry.

Knowingly or unknowingly most guys can hurt their woman,so I suppose all guys should start learning how to apologise quick and fast.

Don't tell me you don't know how to apologise, don't even tell me you don't know what she wants. She wants it all.

She wants that Car

This is by far one of the highest but if she is your woman and you really need to apologise to get that forgiveness then you need to buy her that car. That car you know she loves,that car that will leave her speechless.

Sheyi Shay's boyfriend is very taughtful, he knows how to apologise. We might not know what he did wrong but his apology is over the roof. These shows you don't have to wait for a proposal,you don't have to wait for a wedding or a birthday party for you to get that car. Car apology is the way to go.

She wants you to cook a meal

Tiwa Savage must really like food if that is what she wants as an apology,every lady with different taste and style. Its time to show your cooking skill to her,if you can't cook then its time to learn that cooking skill,to learn how to cook that meal she really loves.

Don't you know its romantic to cook for your spouse,if you want something and the only way to get it is by cooking something nice then be ready for that. Ladies do this a lot when they are trying to please their man or want something from him and the only way to do it might be that soup he loves,that specific food he likes.

She wants to go Shopping

Taking someone shopping can really do a lot of things,it can melt someone's heart. Get her that dress she always love, get her that bag. Take her out,go somewhere fun. You can even buy the boutique if that is what is required to apologise and be forgiven.

What's your own way of apologizing?

What do you think?

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