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Valentine Celebrated in Nigeria 1965. See comments

A photo posted on twitter at @Nigmuseum with the caption " Valentine's day in Nigeria (1965)" Has attracted a lot of reactions from various twitter users who seems amazed at the Vintage photo of people, Who are definitely as old as our parents or grandparents back then in 1965 at a place which obviously looks like a beach celebrating Valentines day.

A twitter users said "My dad told me stories of this picture and how it circulated in the late 60's and early 70's. The couples in the pictures are from port Harcourt, that's all I have to say about that."

Also another who seems to be related some of them said "Wow!!! We hv this picture back in the village.... that's my grandmother in white, she eventually married the one in trousers ( my grandfather) they always made mockery of this picture then (rest their souls)"

Its actually fun seeing them all lively in the spirit of Valentine that to show that "No be today e start so no kill yourself o"(Sic).

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Nigeria Nigmuseum Vintage


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