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How Comedian Warri Boy Showed Love To 3 Strangers That Were Hawking On The Street Today

There is a saying that ‘little things are little things but they do matter a lot’. MC Warri Boy has proven today that the things we consider as little could make a remarkable impact in the lives of those who are in need. One doesn’t have to be the richest person before helping people who are in need of help.

MC Warri Boy

The Comedian and Master of Ceremony, Levite Solomon popularly known as MC Warri Boy had an encounter with an elderly woman who was hawking inside the rain earlier today. He was taking shelter from the rain when he saw the elderly woman hawking her goods in the rain. 

He called the woman to join him where he was taking shelter from the rain. Afterwards, he brought out some cash from his pocket and gave the woman about N15,000 cash. He ensured the money would be enough for all the goods the woman was hawking inside the rain. 

MC Warri Boy gives the woman N15,000 and persuaded her to stop hawking inside the rain

After giving her the money, he told her to stop hawking inside the rain and use the rest of the day to rest. As expected, the woman started showering him with prayers and blessings. A little while after that, he saw two other people hawking on the street. 

He was inside his car but he stopped and asked them the estimated price of the goods they were hawking. One of them said the price of her goods is approximately N1,500. He gave the woman N5,000 and implored her to stop hawking for the day and go home to rest. 

MC Warri Boy and the second hawker

MC Warri Boy repeated the same gesture when he saw a little boy hawking on the street. He asked the boy the estimated price of all his goods but the little boy didn’t know. He brought out money and counted another N5,000 for the little boy. He told him to go home and rest. 

MC Warri Boy gives the little boy N5,000

The money he gave the hawkers may not be much but it will surely have a remarkable impact in their lives. The little boy and the elderly women who got the cash gift would continue blessing the Comedian for showing them love. 

Photo Credit: MCWarriboy — Instagram

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