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7 Reasons You Should Marry Christian Ladies Who Are Fashionable (photos)

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Today, Sunday, 19th July, is another moment to rub minds together. As young minds, let's work on our relationship. It will determine how happy or sad we shall be in the future. Nobody prays to experience sadness in his or her relationship. Hence, the need for this post.

I have come to understand that you can get the best for yourself. Amidst numerous people in the world, you can still find a better half. Ask yourself: Am I not entitled to a better lady? Yes, you are. It all depends on shaping your mind and positioning yourself.

In this post, we will be looking at 7 reasons you should marry a christian lady who is fashionable. Everybody prays for a presentable girl. A girl you can flaunt before the public. Yes, it is true that character matters but beauty also matter. Do you know that beauty can be worked on and enhanced? Yes. Here are my 7 reasons you should marry christian ladies who are fashionable

PS: These photos are that of my sister: Patience Onyiyechukwu

1. They are presentable to the public.

2. They show that you are taking good care of them.

3. They will affect the lives of your children positively by giving them good dress culture.

4. They promote you as a good family man.

5. They boast the respect others will accord you.

6.They distract you from looking outside.

7. They are good to behold during outing or social gathering

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