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"When You Arrive In Hell And You Can't See Your Best Friend" - And Other Funny Memes

When someone lies about saying something on the media not knowing I take screenshots of everything I see.

African parents will buy oversize shoes for you so that you can use them for future years.

How I go to my boyfriend's place and how I come back.

It is important to always ask for full pictures.

When my friend doesn't reply my message in 10 minutes.

How my neighbours behave when I bring my girlfriend to my house.

You call me poor without knowing that I have airplane on my phone.

If you're dating, date a forgiving partner not the one that can draw issues from Nazareth to Babylon.

Other people's call log vs my call log.

When you arrive in hell and you can't see your best friend.

You caught your wife with another man on your bed, he quickly bring out a cheque of 10 million requesting you to take it. Will you collect the cheque?

Lord, see what your daughters go through to impress us.

When you visit your village for the first time after studying Electrical Engineering.

When you're Iron Man but your son is a fan of Spiderman

2 days in relationship and you already need N5,000, is that registration fees?

I noticed since I stopped texting first, j haven't heard from a lot of people. Now I know my real gees.

Cheers to us that no one has ever posted out pictures and captioned it as the love of their life.

When I'm listening to music in full volume and my mum who has been calling for an hour comes in.

When I'm coming back after attenting my crush's wedding.

After all these hard work and suffering, one girl will now need two thousand urgently and if you don't give her, she'll call you stingy boy.

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