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Reno Omokri accused of encouraging internet fraudsters after he posted this

Controversial Nigerian politician, author and motivational speaker, Reno Bemigho Omokri, has been bashed by one of his followers for his post about the misconception of the saying; “vanity upon vanity”.

The 47-year-old “Gospeller”, on Thursday made a Facebook post, noting that it is wrong for some people to say ‘vanity upon vanity’ each time a rich man dies leaving his wealth behind.

Omokri stressed that poverty is vanity same way riches are and that he prefers a wealthy vanity. He ended by reiterating that money has valid ties to happiness.

Reno Omokri wrote; “When a rich man dies and leaves his wealth some people say ‘vanity upon vanity’, as if wealth is a sin. It is not only wealth that is vanity. Poverty is also vanity. 

“They are both vain because none of them can save you. But I prefer a wealth vanity. The phrase ‘money can’t buy happiness’ was invented by happy rich people to prevent the poor from threatening their wealth! 

“Are you not happy when you get a bank alert? Was it poverty that made that possible? Money is very, very, very, conducive to happiness!”

The said follower who bashed him however faulted his position, accused him of encouraging internet fraudsters. “Your words are encouraging internet fraudsters sir omokri,” the said follower wrote. 

Reno replied him saying that his type of mentality encourages poverty and poverty in extension encourages internet fraudsters. He ordered the follower to leave his page, tagging him a blight to his followers.

He quoted Ecclesiastes 10:19 where it was noted that money answer all things.

This evil poverty mentality has eaten deep into your psyche and has made you love poverty and hate wealth. May God help you in Christ’s name,” Reno replied.

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