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Eudoxie Yao Is More Valuable Than Both Cossy Ojiakor And Anita Joseph - Fan Claims (PHOTOS)

It is quite an interesting gist to have, about what actual level of females can we categorise as being 'fat' or 'curvy'. Many flamboyant ladies on social media photo app Instagram do like to tag themselves as 'endowed with curves', but in reality they are simply 'plus size' (or in a lame man's language, 'fat'). Nonetheless a fan on Instagram seemed to have stirred up a moment of controversy, as she suggested that Ivorian slay babe Eudoxie Yao is more curvy, and valuable, than the Nigerian duo of Cossy Ojiakor & Anita Joseph. Some observers might say the remark was a bit harsh - but judging closely by their individual body shape & fit mode, I think the fan do have a strong point!

Don't get it twisted, no pun intended, it is simply to highlight the clear body shapes in context. The fan, tagged as '@omoge9ja' on Instagram, had suggested that both Anita Joseph & Cossy Ojiakor are just plus size (fat) and NOT curvy like they would want to tag themselves. But same female fan seemed to identify the Ivorian lady Eudoxie Yao as a genuine curvy babe. And it is only logical that, anyday anytime anywhere, a lady with well defined curves will always be rated higher than a plus size (fat) babe; thus her conclusion that Eudoxie Yao is more valuable.

* Cossy Ojiakor

* Anita Joseph

Notorious female fan '@omoge9ja' made her blunt view known while reacting to a post by Eudoxie Yao who shared some soothing selfies rocking a designer jumpsuit. Obviously her saucy curves were on full display in the snapshots.

The female fan captioned in her comment: "She is more valuable than Cossy Ojiakor & Anita Joseph combined right now 😆😆😆 If you like argue with your transformer 🤭🤭"

According to observers: By the word 'fat', the hips and backside are not well defined with the body shape of the particular lady - while 'every parts' looks chubby. But with the term 'curvy', the particular lady is well defined in her body shape with the hips and Ikebe - she looks less chubby and clearly in a fit mode.

By those simple descriptions, we can agree that the fan do have a good point afterall. And in clear reasoning, a female with well-defined curves like Eudoxie Yao would always be rated more valuable in body shape than plus size (fat) ladies like Anita Joseph and Cossy Ojiakor.

You can checkout below more scintillating selfies of Eudoxie Yao, for further confirmation of her genuine curves:

Yes, I agree with the popular saying that, "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" - but sometimes we just have to face the harsh truth and leave out sentiments. I am a Nigerian and I am patriotic many times when it comes to matters involving national pride. However, in this context of 'curvy body' comparison between Ivorian glamour model Eudoxie Yao on one hand, and the duo of Nigerian actresses Cossy Ojiakor & Anita Joseph on the other side - no sentiments, I think the one who is more curvy, clearly, is the lady from Ivory Coast.

And I concur with the fan who claims that Eudoxie Yao is thus more valuable in curves than both Nigerian women.

Quick teaser >> Do you agree with the fan, that Ivorian model Eudoxie Yao is more curvy & valuable than the Nigerian actresses Anita Joseph and Cossy Ojiakor?

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