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[Photos]: Funny Memes that Would Lighten up your Day with Laughter.

It's always good to have something to use laugh off the stress and frustrations of life's daily struggles. It's even recommended by those in the medical field as necessary for a good, healthy heart condition.

So, on that note, I've arranged some really funny memes which are going to brighten up your day. I bet you must surely help but laugh at these memes.

Having said that, let's see the memes already:

Boys are usually fond of this...No one can deny this one. Really scary. Those ads could be really annoying.Cheating partners are usually fond of this. Oh! How did you even know what I was about to ask you?This can be really frustrating. You may just feel like crying. Please ensure you marry the love of your life.Just raise your hand here because I know you did. God granted her request, didn't He? Hahaha.But seriously, did you know batman can't fly? You can't be serious right now. This is the best way to rid our streets of used cigarettes. Guys are so much passionate about this Ronaldo and Messi argument. You can still go ahead and say who you think is better. I'll go with Ronaldo, the ladies' favorite.For the ladies, here is your favorite food.That water is looking dirty.

Oh! It's time to know who has better English here. I'm lost for words here. It was really hell for Manchester United fans like me. I just wished the ground could open and swallow me.

Wow! What an intriguing border. In fact, you can be in Belgium and Netherlands at the same time.

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