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See tips and aids on how to increase your clicks easily and faster

have come to understand that, a lot of writers quitted a long time ago from writing articles on the opera news platform due to how the articles have been rejected or probably getting low impressions clicks and reached, however I can't blame them my first article had less than 50 clicks. See the picture below.If you have any doubts about the picture above you can check my account for my first article.

The desire of every creator in this platform, is or are to have high articles that has high impressions, clicks, reach, likes and comments. The following tips are going to be very helpful and you are welcome to thank me later.

1.) Have a good and attractive headline:

Some writers call this click bait. On a normal day the word bait can mean to have a particular thing used to attract or lure into something. And according to opera news your "clicks" are like your amount of readers, so if you bring the two definitions together it means "reader bait" . So this means you need to have an headline which every reader would be tempted to open and read.

2.) Attractive article thumbnail:

Your thumbnail is the picture seen right before the headline in your article, for example in the previous picture I sent my thumbnail there is a picture of a well known celebrity popularly known as Mr.macaroni, since a lot of people know and love him I decided to use that as my thumbnail.

3.) Good content or body of the article:

Once you are known for always having good contents or good articles the next thing people do is to follow you or keep track of your account so the next time you publish they would be quick and excited to read it and it goes on like that. Another advantage of having good contents is it compels people to share to their friends, which will automatically get you more clicks.

4.) Know the specific aspects you will be writing on:

This is very important because when you have a specified section you write on for example football, music, business, social media trends, mobile phones, phone and life hacks, how to make money etc.

5.) Share your articles and get people to share them too:

Sharing your articles on various social medias and getting people to share them too is one of the fastest ways to get thousands of clicks on your articles and gets you to be more popular. In case you don't know how to share an article there is a guide below.

The two neon green circles above indicates how to share your article. Once you click share it displays different social media options you might want to share to so you can choose the one that suits you.

Trust me follow these tips and you articles will look like this in no time.

Thanks for reading I really appreciate it. Comment what You think, you can also follow me on Instagram @mannie._1

Content created and supplied by: Mannie.__ (via Opera News )


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