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2 Reasons Why Rahama Sadau Might Not Find It Hard Acting In Bollywood Movies

Nollywood and Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau is said to make her debut in a Bollywood movie this year. On the 10th of September, she posted a photo on her Instagram page where she was with the lead actor, Vidyut Jammwal. Vidyut is the lead actor of the movie titled 'Khuda Hafiz' which Rahama Sadau will be making her first appearance. 

Photo credit: @rahamasadau(Instagram)

The actress has been in India for weeks now. Posting photos of the shooting process and the cast and crew in the movie. She didn't reveal the character she will be acting yet but I am sure Rahama is talented enough to deliver in any role she is given. Acting in Bollywood is different from acting in Kannywood and Nollywood. The actress has done very well in Nollywood and Kannywood movies I think she probably won't find it hard acting in Bollywood movies too because:

Photo credit: @rahamasadau(Instagram)

1. She can Speak Hindi Fluently. 

Rahama Sadau grew up in Kaduna state. She has been acting in Kannywood where Hausa is normally spoken, she has also acted in Nollywood where English is spoken. The language you might not know Rahama can Speak is Hindi, a language spoken in some parts of Indian. The language they speak in the Bollywood movie she will be acting in Hindi. Since Rahama can speak Hindi, it will be easy to communicate and act in the language. She won't face the stress of learning the language before she can start acting.

2. She is Use to the Indian way of dressing. 

You might have come across some photos of Rahama looking like an India whenever she put on their attires. She has been dressing the way they use to, so having to dress like India will not make her look uncomfortable, or look as if she is dressing in some attires she is not familiar with.

Photo credit: @rahamasadau(Instagram)

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