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Meet Afeez Agoro. The Tallest Man In Nigeria

If you ever thought who the tallest man in Nigeria is then this article will answer your question. Afeez Agoro Olamideji is recognized as the tallest man in Nigeria

Afeez Agoro was born in the city of Osabo Yaba, Lagos State Nigeria on 13th December 1975. He is the last child of three children. Afeez attended St. Finbarr's College, Yaba.

Afeez Agoro Olamideji is a Nigerian model, actor and reality TV show star recognised as the tallest man in Nigeria. He is 7 ft and 4 inches tall.

Afeez Agoro Grew up like every other child until he fell sick at the age of 19 and the condition brought about a rapid growth that was strange to everyone.

Afeez fell ill several times and grew taller significantly. All medical attempt to control his strange growth failed and the currently he stands at 7 feet 4 inches tall which makes in the tallest man in Nigeria and among the list of tallest people in Africa.

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Afeez Afeez Agoro Olamideji Lagos State Osabo Yaba St. Finbarr 's College


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