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2 Famous Celebrity Figures That Have 'Dark' Pasts Everyone Seems To Ignore

Both Oprah and Fergie have had “dark” pasts. Although, with the type of environments they were raised in.

Who can blame them or judge them?


Addiction runs rampant in Hollywood. When you’re rich, famous, and powerful, the world opens up – including all the dark corners that are better left unexplored. 

Too bad Fergie never got the memo! Prior to her work with the Black Eyed Peas and her solo career, Fergie was a graduate of the Mickey Mouse Club and one part of the girl group Wild Orchid, both of which she claimed as the reasons for her addiction to meth. 

Growing up as a young kid in the public eye under intense scrutiny, Fergie stated that she used the drug to “suppress feelings”, and she would go on benders that would leave her paranoid for hours. One time, she admitted, she spoke to a clothing hamper for eight hours straight!

During an intense period of paranoia in which she feared that SWAT teams and the FBI were tailing her, Fergie entered a church and prayed, asking that if the SWAT and FBI weren’t there when she exited, she would quit the drugs, and so she did!


To result from exactly what Oprah performed in order to become arguably more successful woman on the planet claims a lot about the media mogul and philanthropist’s nature. 

Produced the daughter of one teenage mom, Oprah spent initial six years of the woman life in poverty underneath the care of the woman grandma. 

Evidently, Oprah was so bad that she wore clothes made from potato sacks, that she was made fun because of the other young ones.

Then, things took a turn for the even worse, as Oprah endured intimate misuse during the age nine as a result of her 19-year-old cousin. 

She has also been over and over mistreated and molested by other relatives and family pals, and turned to illegal substances to cope with the woman battles.

Because of the chronilogical age of 14, she ended up being pregnant and soon after destroyed the infant, who was simply born 2 months premature and died at just a couple of weeks old.

Having come from so small to become these types of a triumph speaks amounts about her capabilities and dedication, so we can’t think about anyone more deserving of her success.

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