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Twin Sisters Who Got Separated At Birth, Reunite After 36 Years

The story of two ladies - twins sisters - who were separated from birth only to meet each other for the first time after 36 years, couldn't be more emotional. Molly Sinert and Emily Bushel were born in South Korea but were both adopted by separate families who resided in America.

While Molly was adopted to live with her new family in Florida, Emily, on the other hand, was adopted to a family who resided in Philadelphia. The adoption process took place when they were only a few months old.

As fate would have it, Emily's 11-year old daughter - who knew that her mother was adopted - decided to take a DNA test to find out if she had other relatives from her mother's side. At the same time, Molly also decided to take a DNA test to find out more about her family history.

Molly took the test, clicked on the close relative icon, and got a result that told her she shared 49.96% with someone - who was predicted to be her daughter. She was surprised because she had no daughter and had never given birth before that time. Not until later did she find out that the person being referred to was her sister's daughter.

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The sisters got in touch through chats but eventually reunited when they saw each other for the first time after 36 years. From the pictures above, one could see that it was a mixture of happiness and emotions, as the sisters could be seen laughing in one picture and crying in the other.

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