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Nickelodeon: Between Piper And Nora Thundermans, Who Is More Beautiful And Fashionable?

Riecke Addison and Ella Anderson are of the same age and from the same entertainment agency. They both debuted as kid actress in the same year in Nickelodeon with both of them acting out main character in series.

Since 2013 when they both started out their careers as actresses, they have both caught the attention of fans who kept making comparisons between them. 

It's been over 7 years now, and they are all grown ups with matured looks.

So here's the question again, between Ella Anderson as piper from Henry Danger and Riecke Addison aka Nora from The Thundermans, who do you thinkhas grown matured, beautiful and is taking fashion seriously?

Nora aka Riecke Addison

She looked so sweet in the Thundermans but her adult age has gotten rid of every sweetness and replaced it with elegance.

Piper Aka Ella Anderson

As she finally decides to take music seriously, her facial looks now seem to match her fierce music concept. Don't you think?

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