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Despite Her Stature She Never Gave Up In Pursuing Her Career – Meet The World's Smallest Woman

There's this conviction that God made everyone in His likeness, regardless of whether you are born to witness a tall gene or short gene, there's a reason why you were born the way you are.

It is believed that not everyone will be born the same because all fingers are not equal, some may be born into a rich family and eventually become rich, some born into a poor family, some may be glued to a family who is of short gene and might eventually become short, while some otherwise. Whatever the category you find yourself in, you should appreciate God for the gift of life because not all were given the grace and opportunity to live to this extent.

Some people may see their stature as a hindrance to their success, this is not always true, always develop self-motivation, have confidence in yourself, believe in yourself that you can do all things regardless of the difficult situation you find yourself in.

Here we have a beautiful Indian actress who is known as Jyoti Amge. She is known as the smallest woman in the world. Amge who is a Guinness Book of World Record holder just celebrated her birthday on December 16, making her 27 years of age.

Amge has a height of about 63cm which is approximately 2ft 0.803 inch. With her height, she's being perceived as the world's smallest teenage female. Despite Amge's height, she never relented in pursuing her desire career, her stature has made her famous. According to her, being recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records made her feel better about herself, it made her feel popular, special, and important. It was disclosed by her mum that she was of average stature until the age of five when she started having a growth disorder known as achondroplasia. Achondroplasia is a form of dwarfism deemed a disorder of bone growth that prevents the changing of cartilage to bone, specifically in the arms and legs.

If Amge could make it in life, glowing in her acting career, I guess there's nothing that can stop you from achieving your dream.

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