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Meet The 52 Year Old African-American Woman That Looks Like Liz Benson (Photos)

If you are a Nigerian, you should know Elizabeth Benson, popularly called Liz Benson in the entertainment industry. She used to be an actress back in the day. Even if you don't watch Nollywood movies, you should know her because she was very popular back then. She knows how well to interpret her scripts for everyone's understanding. She worked well with all her colleagues and absolutely did a great job. However, she has left the entertainment industry and is now an evangelist. She has starred in a lot of movies and I am very sure people miss her on their screens. Right now, she is a model to many young girls in the entertainment industry. A lot of them who are upcoming look up to her as a mentor.

She is 54 years old. Here are some pictures of what she looks like now:

Recently, some pictures of a 52 year old African-American woman has been circulating the internet. The woman looks so much like Liz Benson that people think she is the one. She looks so young and radiant. In fact, it is even difficult to believe that she is 52 years old.

Her name is Rolanda Rochelle. Rolanda lives in the United States of America where she works as a realtor and a brand influencer. Asides that, she is also a lifestyle and travel blogger. Here are some of her pictures:

Can you see that she really looks like Liz Benson. I guess she is her doppelganger. I've heard this saying that in the world, there is one person that looks exactly like us.

Have you ever been walking on the road or going somewhere and someone mistook you for another person? It has happened to me quite a number of times. Because you look like someone, another person would think you are that person. This is the case between Liz Benson and Rolanda Rochelle.

Rolanda became very popular on the internet after her Tiktok video went viral. In the video, she was discussing with an imaginary partner. A lot of people were amazed by how well she has kept her body and shape. Of course, one can attribute it to good living and a stress-free life.Rolanda loves to live her best life. She does that by traveling around the world and eating healthy. You can see how young she looks. You can even see that she has white hairs, yet it didn't stop her from living her life.

Eat healthy, drink plenty of water and live your best life.

Do you agree with me that she looks so much like Liz Benson?

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