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Discovery Episode 2: The Foundation

   Please reassure, there Miners are very reliable we finish our year four (4) project, ending all daily task, we encountered many resources while mining in Jordan, there survey plan were accurate and we mine for days without sleeping just to meet our project validation. 

   What is this boy saying. Ronaldo (Jax boy) be careful mind what you..! No leave him alone is making sense, What sense! I told you we will select miners from Macedonia do you want to go for our miners in greek again. Yes! Why. Ronaldo continue okay Mr Mob the head of Miner as died but I believe if we could select Mr Joe the American, we can achieve. Come on shut up there! Inspector listen to me, If you wish to go for Greek Miners please go as well for Sagardo..greek Icon of miners we both team up handing project at Ausburg. Okay! I will announce your going by the first of July. 

  I will see you tomorrow Jax, okay. Please take good care of your wife, sure I will thank you.

The world is killing what do you mean never mind sir Let move out Ronaldo. Shadiat, I will take you back to the hospital you are not yet to be discharged, fine just take me to another hospital I don't like that hospital again. No problem, I will get your favorite juice for you on the way thank you. Please your daughter, she is 🤰 pregnant were you aware because what am seeing I believe the pregnancy is close to eight (8) months. No darling I'm not, I just noticed he's our landlord firstborn who impregnated her that boy, he came to confess to me even your daughter said no I was confused. hmm oh! God Who impregnated you my daughter His our Landlord firstborn sir okay! Tell our landlord my woman that there wedding will be in two weeks time okay sweetheart. Dad, I don't want to marry him, you must be stupid, gather your friends prepare the maids Okay sir. Mr Jax and Ronaldo move out immediately.

Good Afternoon Mr Jax, welcome to our second year anniversary am so glad you could made it, our first year anniversary you were absent. Yes I was in London handling some contract, I think is time for you to choose a new Patron. I left so many clients contract undone to make this invitation happen, please tell the committee I will not be available next year. Okay Mr Jax we appreciate your efforts thank you, make sure you tell the committee, were is my seat follow me Sir. 

   Ronaldo go to the supermarket get my wife favorite juice and get me four envelopes okay sir. My patron welcome sir thank you Francis, will you be available for mining operation here in Greece. Yes am free, be prepared I will call you when I need you, ok. Please have this sir thank you, wow...this is 1974 whisky were did you get it the super store.

 You see, I need an event center with one thousand seaters, my daughter will be getting married two weeks time. Our town hall is one thousand seater venue fine! Go to the local government see if we can get it booked, two weeks time okay I will tomorrow morning sir good. My money as been withhold by 🏦 bank, willl I be able to get a loan from your committees corporative as the Patron. I believe sir, they will be happy to lend you very well then.. I will need three million what is your interest rate twelve percent (12%) no! I will pay six percent (6%) okay sir.

  I will have to live now, here is your take away Sir. Thank you.., call me when you get to the local government, let me speak with the chairman good night. 

Five weeks Later... Episode (3) coming out soon. The mining project work have started, several resources have been discovered many stainless, bitumen, palladium and platinum. They have started carrying out resource testing on founded resources, some resources like silver still yet to be discovered, the researchers have come up with different coins production samples still examining for the best sample. 

Find out more, on Episode (3): ensure you follow for more episode because we have 14 episodes for you Reader!. Many projects the Greek did was not approved despite how hard working they are, they face many challenges, Just few projects were Appreciated. Follow, for more Episode. 

You will know all the projects they did and why is titled Discovery, episode 14 is the final episode. Stay update to get full episode and some giveaway pictures, spiritual-view images. STAY UPDATE

Content created and supplied by: Sweetmahn (via Opera News )

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