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Meet The Only Fuji Artiste Late Gbenga Adeboye Ever Featured In An Album

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Beyond every other things that late Yoruba broadcaster, Gbenga Adeboye, was known for, he was also known for being a talented Musician. And as a musician, Gbenga Adeboye sampled with different genres of music to release different albums. He did some in Afrobeat, some in Waka tone, some in Fuji, some in Highlife as well as some in Juju.

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And, one of the things Gbenga Adeboye was also known for, was the fact that, he loved supporting new talents to grow. And, the talented act could come from any area of the entertainment field. That, according to reports, would not matter to Jengbetiele as Gbenga Adeboye was also known. Just have the talent, was all that was said to have mattered to Gbenga Adeboye. So, it was not a surprise that Funwontan, as Gbenga Adeboye was also known, used one of his music albums to provide a fledgeling Fuji artiste back then with a platform to grow, by letting him showcase his talent to wider audience, that Gbenga Adeboye's albums enjoyed.

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And, the Fuji artiste Gbenga Adeboye provided the platform for, in the early 2000 was no other than Wale Tekoma. The up and coming Fuji musician at that time was featured in Gbenga Adeboye's album tilted: "Supremacy", and Mr. White Lion as Wale Tekoma is also known, gave a good account of himself with his entertaining delivery of Fuji music in the album. And, without any doubt, Wale Tekoma's commendable effort in the album threw him into the mainstream music industry, at the time.

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So, beyond giving many of the popular Yoruba broadcasters today to flourish through his different radio platforms, Gbenga Adeboye also gave a number of musicians the opportunity to showcase their talents to the world. And, one of them was Wale Tekoma.

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And, that is why Gbenga Adeboye who died in the year 2003, would always be remembered by all the people he touched their lives in different ways.

May his soul continue to rest in peace. Amen.

Content created and supplied by: SaheedOjubanire (via Opera News )

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