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Husband and wife relationship

"My friend advice my to pay my husband a surprise visit and he did this"- Lady laments online.

Sometimes we may wonder when we have had enough in relationships. Can this be said also in marriage? For better or for worse? Do this really applies when your partner do not respect the santity of your wedding vows anymore?

A lady laments online after her friend advices her to visit her husband and he did this to her. She begins by letting us know she is 23 years and married her husband when she was 19 years. They have two lovely kids together. After a while, her husband was transferred to another state for work and he usually only visits during the weekends.

He usually don't pick her calls in the night and this made her worried and so she asked for advice from her friend who told her to pay him a surprise visit. She did not know exactly where he stays so she took the kids with her.

On getting to his state of work, she called him to come pick her up and the kids. This made him angry and he told her he only would come pick them up because of the kids. He also lodged her in a hotel and went back home.

Now she is hurt and bitter, and after lamenting, she said she thinks she would just leave him. Reacting to this, a man on Twitter had this to say, "No one will tell you this, but your husband is living with another woman in his new residence. It is weird that a man would find it hard to tell his wife where he lives. If something happens to him, where will he be traced to? 

If you can tolerate his cheating, stay with him. It is important that you get to the bottom of the matter now that you are still young, and can easily leave. It may hurt, but it is important that you don't deceive yourself. This will save you from stress later on, when you are older. Oga might have a second family there."

What so you think about THIS?

Below are screenshots of what she said and also people's reactions to the post. Kindly follow this page for more news and juicy contents. Thank you.

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