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How I turned from being a plantain seller to a company cashier (fiction).

I have been hawking plantain since after my secondary school education, it was a business my mother has always done, it wasn't a problem taking the plantains out on the road, I did it with joy, since it was our only source of lively hood. 

My mother brought me up believing that, doing the right things and good things of life, are the hardest, but most rewarding, as such, I have never frowned at doing what i think is right.

On this faithful day, as I stood on the road selling my plantains, a car stopped by, and bought plantains from me, immediately I handed over the plantain to the man on the back seat, he handed me some naira notes and zoomed off.

On checking the amount of money I was handed, it was two thousand naira above the worth of the plantain, I ran with all I had, for the car, but couldn't catch up. 

Two days later, I noticed same car, and I waved at it, since it was on the bad spot of the road, where cars can't really run fast , i chose to sell.

I wasn't so sure the car would stop, then I stretched the two thousand naira towards the window as I ran for the car, surprisingly, the car stopped, and very huge man stepped out of it, he did have same face, but I never knew he had such height. 

I explained, and handed him the money, but he refused collecting it from me, and was more interested in my reason for giving him back the money he over paid.

I wasted no time in answering him, saying “I was trained to what is right, do it may be hard, but is more rewarding” this man gave me an astonish look, and offered me a job as his personal cashier in his company, even after acknowledging the fact that I was only a secondary school certificate holder, assuring me not to be alarmed, because I will be trained, he was of the opinion, that he doesn't need someone with qualification, but with a trust worthy attitude.

Now I believe more than ever, my mother's teaching. 

If you are a honest and trust worthy person, leave on the comment session below, opinion or your personal experience on such possibility in life. 

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