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4 strongest Marvel superheroes.

In this article, we would be taking a look at marvel heroes who are really powerful in terms of supernatural strength and gift.

1) The Hulk: the hulk is usually recognized as one of the most powerful beings in the marvel universe. This is because of the level of his physical strength and his ability to heal wounds. His strength is also infinite.

2) Sentry: his is one of the most superior beings in the universe. The sentry has been to battles which he fought against Thor and even the hulk. He also has super strength. 

3) Hercules: he is known as the son of Zeus. He is a demigod and he has fought against the forces of evil for thousands of years. His physical strength is really great.

4) Iron man: many might think Iron man doesn't deserve to be on the list but he should be considered. The truth is that his robotic suit is much more powerful than you can imagine. The Iron man's suit can fly and even has rocket bombs. It can also scan through things and hack into computers. 

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