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Please Do Not Let Your Kids Watch This Cartoon

Undoubtedly, the Nickelodeon company has over the years made alot of people smile with with SpongeBob. SpongeBob is a fun character that isn't just funny but very interesting to watch although some people do not enjoy it, it is still a great cartoon.

Apart from the fact that it is very fun and interesting, it is considered inappropriate to kids. I enjoy SpongeBob but sometime ago Nickelodeon made a post on Instagram and on Twitter which shows that SpongeBob is part of the LGBTQ+ Community.

But according to the creator of SpongeBob Stephen Hillenburg, he said he consider the character to be asexual.

Although it might be really fun to your kids and they might enjoy it so much but please try to stop them from watching it or stop them when you see inappropriate scenes that you think isn't good for them because kids imitiate what ever they watch especially when it's a fun cartoon they really love.

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