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5 biggest question After The Death Of The Green Arrow

While Oliver Queen died duringCrisis on Infinite Earths, the team he had built to help him save his city was still active. This proved to be a good thing, as an old enemy of Oliver's, inspired by the reports of his death, moved to kidnap Oliver's son William Clayton as part of a twisted revenge scheme. Thankfully, many of those people whose lives were changed for the better by Green Arrow's influence were already gathered in Star City for his funeral and they were quick to offer assistance in saving Oliver's son.

The series finale brought the stories of most of the series' regulars to a conclusion of some kind. Yet room was also left for most of the cast to appear again elsewhere in the Arrowverse. And some scenes suggested that the adventures of some of Oliver Queen's allies were only beginning.

Is Diggle Becoming A Green Lantern?

The biggest question on most Arrow-heads' minds at the end of the finale was whether or not John Diggle would become a Green Lantern. The closing montage showed Digg being knocked off his feet and thrown into the side of his moving van by a meteor. When he recovered and investigated the resulting crater, he found a box which contained a glowing green object.

Given the long partnership between Green Lantern and Green Arrow in the comics, Diggle eventually becoming a Green Lantern has been a popular fan theory since the first year of Arrow. The show has teased at this theory before, with reveals like Diggle's stepfather's last name being Stewart (as in the Green Lantern John Stewart) and The Flash of Earth-90 recognizing Diggle and asking where his ring was. Unfortunately, despite the producers of Arrow being hard at work developing Green Lanternseries for HBO Max, they're keeping quiet on whether or not David Ramsey will be a part of it as the Green Lantern Corps' newest recruit.

Will Diggle And Lyla Show Up In Superman & Lois?

Another major change revealed by Arrow's series finale was that John Diggle and Lyla Michaels were moving themselves and their children to Metropolis, after Lyla accepted a promotion to an unspecified government organization. Even if Diggle doesn't become Earth-Prime's Green Lantern, there's a good chance we may see him and Lyla in The CW's upcoming Superman & Lois series. Particularly if Lyla's new job involves her being part of the Special Crimes Unit of the Metropolis Police Department, which works with Superman to deal with metahuman and alien criminals.

How Exactly Did Oliver Bring People Back To Life?

"Fadeout" revealed that many people close to Oliver Queen who died because of his failures as a vigilante were now alive in the post-Crisis timeline, including his mother, Moira Queen, and Mayor Quentin Lance. Oliver was credited with saving these lives, but it is unclear precisely how he accomplished this or if it was tied into his powers as The Spectre. While The Spectre had some limited ability to alter reality in the comics, Oliver's actions in Crisis on Infinite Earths seemed to be limited to holding the Anti-Monitor at bay and it was suggested that it was the Paragons who did the heavy lifting when it came to molding the shape of the new Arrowverse.

Why Does Oliver Only Seem To Care About Star City?

Assuming that Oliver did have the power to reshape the new Arrowverse, another question arises regarding the state of the new reality; why did Oliver only seem to focus his phenomenal cosmic power on improving his home town? While Star City is poised to enter an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity with no crime for 20 years and most of Oliver Queen's loved ones restored to life, it does beg the question as to why Oliver didn't see fit to stop Lex Luthor from rewriting reality to make himself a beloved billionaire philanthropist.

While the rules are not explained (indeed, Quentin Lance says there's no way of them knowing how these things work), it seems likely that Oliver was limited in the degree to which he was allowed to rewrite reality. One possible limit is that he could only alter those places, people, and events with which he had interacted directly while alive and twist fate to move in slightly different ways. This idea is suggested by Moira Queen, when Thea asks why Oliver didn't bring his father back to life. Moira believed that Robert Queen had to die in order for Oliver to become the man who saved Star City and preventing Robert's death would have undone everything else Oliver Queen had died to accomplish.

How Will Stephen Amell Return For Cameos In The Future?

Stephen Amell announced that despite his desire to leave Arrowafter eight seasons, he was open to returning to the role of Oliver Queen and making cameo appearances in other Arrowverse series in the future. Apart from flashbacks, it is unclear just how this could be possible. The final scene of "Fadeout" made it clear that Oliver and Felicity are perfectly happy in their personal paradise and the Monitor specifically told Felicity that there was no going back from where he was taking her.

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