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2 Noticeable Things That Reveal That KWAM 1 Doesn't Disrespect Oluwo Of Iwo As Dele Momodu Claimed

The news that is going viral at present is that KWAM 1, the Yoruba indigenous musician, doesn't give adequate respect to the king of Iwoland, i.e., Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Telu 1. 

According to how the story went, In the viral video, Dele Momodu, the publisher of the famous Ovation magazine, accuses the KWAM 1 of not giving respect to Iwoland, and this has resulted in several reactions from Nigerians who have come into contact with the video. 

Some Nigerians were not contented with the development, while many others said there was nothing wrong with the behavior of KWAM 1. 

However, there are two noticeable that reveal that KWAM 1 doesn't disrespect Oluwo of Iwo that I shall pinpoint in this article here: 


1. One of the reasons why KWAM 1 did not disrespect the Oluwo of Iwo in the video was how he showed his anxiety about seeing the king. This is very common in the Yoruba cosmology as people tend to appear the way KWAM 1 appeared in the video whenever they see their king in the video. He shouted and chanted the common word "Kabiesti", which means the most respected one. Dele Momodu

That word alone is enough to command adequate respect in the Yoruba race, as every respect that is expected is contained in the word. Thus, as KWAN 1 shouted the Yoruba word "Kabiesi", that alone is enough to cover every expected respect.  

Oluwo of Iwoland

2. It is so glaring that Oluwo of Iwo too was eager to receive KWAM 1, and one could see the mutual expression in the rapport that occurred between the two celebrities, which indicates that Oluwo of Iwo did not even count on what Dele Momodu assumed to be disrespectful to it. Again, for a long time, even before Oluwo of Iwoland became king, there have been several mutual relationships between Oluwo of Iwoland and KWAM 1, so it is that mutual relationship that KWAM 1 is trying to manifest. Therefore, it should not be tagged as disrespectful, as Dele Momodu puts it, because there is nothing disrespectful in the scenario.

What are your thoughts about this story?

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