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I Started Doing Comedy With My Son When I Was 75yrs Old & I Love Making People Laugh - Woman

Motivational speakers always say that no time is too late to achieve what you wanna achieve in this life. The man who started Kentucky Fried Chicken started the company when he was very old, he had tried out numerous businesses, but none seem to work out for him. He finally hit the jackpot when he opened Kentucky Fried Chicken, which is one of the most popular investments worldwide. Okay, let me go straight to the point now, a popular Igbo comedian known as Madam social has explained how she started doing comedy at the age of 75 with her son.

This Igbo woman discovered her talent when she was already very old, at least she was able to display her talent to the world before she will die. According to her, she said that life had never been easy for her, as she has passed through a lot in this life, but thank God she's still alive till date. She said that some years ago, she lost her child who takes care of her, she said that he was almost 50 years old when he died.

As they were talking about that one, another of her child who is older than the one that died, also died. This made her worried, that she got stroke, I mean her legs got paralysed. She was later healed, and all these challenges never let her give up on herself. One of her sons started doing comedy, and she was tagged along with him. Both of them started doing the comedy together and that was when she was 75 years old, and she's 80 years old now.

The comedy started moving on, but with different challenges every day. But they kept on pushing, she said that her nickname and her comedy name is Madam Social. And most people know her and her son, she also said that she likes making people laugh. And she will keep on making people laugh with her comedy skits. See video here. It is not too late to discover your dreams, if an 80 years old woman can start showcasing her talent this late days of her life, you can also do yours, be determined and keep on pushing. One day, you will surely smile. Please drop a comment, like, share and follow me up.

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