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Secondary Education


23 memes that show that secondary school days were the best (part 1)

23 memes that show that secondary school days were the best.

Hello everyone. It's your guy again, the memeslord. Today we'll be giving you memes about secondary school days that really establish the fact that they were the best. During secondary school days we were just some group of children that thought they knew everything about the world but in reality we knew nothing. Now looking back at those years we remember the ups and downs and also what made them great. Below is a compilation if memes that show the great and funny things that happened then.

1. very legit. we were always yearning for University but when we got there we missed those old days

2the clock just seems to have frozen

3nice one there that's the real friendship.

4na that time you go know say your papa don put money for fire

5how would a class be withoit them. I was an intelligent backbencher though.

6he go be like say make you break his head.


i was an ultra legend though

8norms. No problems its the toppers that stress themselves

9you go think say you don become star and people go dey hail your class.

10this one's special.


some times, it backfires and you have to read something else

12this literarilly happened to me every time.

13like that's when the revelations start coming to you head

141516that moment is always awkward

17It happened to me a couple of times




You'll feel like killing them at that moment

22which teacher was there? Was there another student there? Am I the only one?


Hundred percent true. I really felt happy and sad that day happy that I was graduating and sad that I was leaving the best set of friends I had. Don't forget to follow me for more memes and jokes

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Hello guys, please what was the most memorable experience you had in school? Let's talk about it in the comments section.

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