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5 Famous Actors Who Had To Change Their Voice For A Movie Role (Photos)

In reality, changing one’s voice to point of becoming unrecognizable on screen is one of the difficult parts of an actor. So, in today’s article, we would be looking at 5 actors who had to change their voices for a movie.

Lupita Nyong’o

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Lupita Nyong’o is among one of the best actresses working today – her most iconic movie role was in Jordan Peel’s Us, which left the audience speechless. In the movie, Us, Lupita played two versions of her character – one who lived a happy life above ground, and her tethered, who has survived in horrific conditions underground.

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However, in creating the haunting voice of her tethered, she looked at a condition called Spasmodic Dysphonia, in which the vocal cords involuntarily spasm. 

Elizabeth Olsen

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When preparing for the role of Wanda Maximoff in the Marvel movie franchise, Elizabeth Olsen not only changed her voice, she also had to take up an entire made-up accent.

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Normally, Olsen is known to speaking in a soft, American accent, but when she wanted to play Wanda Maximoff, she had to switch her accent to someone in an American sitcom.

Christian Bale

Photo Credit: Google

Christian Bale had to change his voice to play Batman. For Bruce Wayne (Batman) to not be recognized, he has to change his voice when speaking from underneath the bat suit, but Christian Bale is not an American (he’s Welsh),

Photo Credit: Google

so he had to lower his voice and add a tone of gravel to make Batman not only unrecognizable but also very intimidating.

Heath Ledger

Photo Credit: Google

Heath Ledger had to change his voice while portraying The Joker, in Batman: The Dark Knight. From the 90s classic, 10 Things I Hate About You; you would notice that Heath Ledger was an Australian.

Photo Credit: Google

For the Joker’s voice, Ledger was inspired by Tom Waits, who has very famous and was perfect for the Gotham villain.

Jared Leto

Photo Credit: Google

Jared Leto played the character, The Joker, in the DC movie, Justice League. In the movie, Jared’s voice was lower with a lot of growls, a slight lisp, and also his infamous laugh, which is contrary to his normal way of talking in real life.

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