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See the pictures of a boy who made helicopter from bamboo that got people talking

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Today, I will be sharing with you something exciting and creative about a boy who has got the media stirred up after social media enthusiasts saw his creativity.

The boy's picture which shows his creative helicopter made from bamboos has got reactions and got many talking.

The picture which was share to an Electrical Engineering group on Facebook by Zeinab Eisa requesting for 5k likes to appreciate the boy's creativity has already gained 10k likes with 321 comments.

The boy whose identity was not disclose was seen to be focused with his design using just bamboos and rope.

Reacting to this, social media enthusiasts applauded his creativeness. A Facebook user with name Teddy Silver urged him to replicate such with metal for chances of usefulness.

See Other reactions below.

What do you think? Is the boy not talented and creative?

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