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His Daughter's Maid (Ariana) Episode 8

Episode 08

       Skyler's Pov:

I walked restlessly up and down the room with so much annoyance. 

"Am gonna make life miserable for all of you " I screamed in anger as i picked up a glass of water and threw it on the ground and it broke into pieces. 

"That nanny of hers is becoming a stumbling block to my mission here in the Sanchez's mansion " I said as i stood in front of the mirror in my bathroom. 

That little witch is supposed to be dead by now but look how that useless girl Lissa turned all my plans away. 

I fumed in anger as i washed my face. 

"You think you are smart and brave Lissa Ricks but now I will show you that no-one messes with me and go scold free " I said 

I knew it! The way Roddy stares at that girl, I had a feeling that he's slowly falling in love with her.

"No way! I can't have my best friend killed and still have to loose my man to the peasant maid... " I shouted 

I have to act fast before that maid steal my man from me. 

"Rodney you are mine and mine alone so no fvcking bitch can appear from nowhere to steal you from me.... Hell no! " I screamed as i sat on my bed thinking of the next step to take. 

   Ariana's Pov:

I spooned a large quantity of my ice cream into my mouth as I sat on my king-size bed. 

I quickly picked up my cell phone and dialed Quincy's number. 

📲"Hi Quincy!" my voice echoed 📲

📲"Hello Ariana! How is your Saturday going?"📲 she asked excitedly 

📲" it's OK! You know what i just discovered something📲 I giggled

📲"Something like what?"📲 Quincy asked 

📲" It's about my nanny Lissa and my daddy"📲 I laughed 

📲"What about them?"📲 Quincy asked with interest 

📲"You see I think my daddy likes my nanny"📲 I said lowering my voice. 

📲Geez! What do you think about them?"📲 Quincy asked 

📲"Well is not like i like Lissa but I will use her to make Skyler jealous so that Skyler will pack her stuffs and smell out of my house" 📲I laughed 

📲" How are you going to do that Ariana?"📲 Quincy asked 

📲"Don't worry I will tell you all about it later"📲 I said 

📲" that's my smart bestie! Well am in the mall... Call you later!"📲Quincy said as i hung up and smiled mischievously. 

,"Am going to use this to my favour! I will surely make Skyler leave this house for good" I thought.

"For now, I still have to act nice to nanny Lissa" I thought and chuckled. 


Later that night, I sat at the sitting room waiting vigilantly for daddy's food to be served. 

Some minutes later, Juliet and Mabel served his food at the dinning and I chuckled. 

I quickly picked up a bottle of uncorked whiskey and corked it slowly. 

I brought out a plate and poured some cornflakes into it with lots of milk then I poured the whiskey into the cornflakes and laughed happily. 

I stirred it and to God be the glory the whiskey's taste was not much. 

Just then, I saw daddy walking downstairs and I smiled within myself. 

"Mission accomplishing" I thought 

"Baby! What are you doing?" Dad asked and I maintained a meek look. 

"Daddy! I made this cornflakes just for you" I said sweetly 

"Really? That's my baby!" He said as he took the plate from me and ate hungrily. 

"Mission accomplished!" I smiled 

"Isn't it good dad?" I asked 

"Of course it is baby" He said as i chuckled 

Dad finished eating and went straight to arrange some files in his study room. 

I was still at the sitting room when I saw Skyler walk out of the house straight to the kitchen. 

I smiled lightly as I quickly rushed upstairs and picked up her favourite nightgown. 

I walked downstairs in a tiptoe and placed the nightgown by the staircase. 

"Sweet revenge for you Skyler" I laughed 

       Lissa's Pov:

"Ariana I already told you a bedtime story so go to sleep now" I said trying not to be annoyed. 

"Come on now nanny! I want to hear more stories" Ariana said 

"Goodness me Ariana! Am so exhausted!!" I said but she looked at me with pleading eyes and I had no choice than to continue. 

"Uhmm... Nanny i need a glass of water! Am thirsty!!" Ariana said as i nodded and left the room to get water from the kitchen. 

I was about to walk into the kitchen when I heard a noise from Sir Rodney's study room. 

I quickly rushed into the study room and saw him lying on the bare ground. 

"OMG! Sir are you OK?" I asked as I tried to get him up. 

"Lissa is that you?" Sir Rodney staggered as i helped him. 

"Sir Rodney you are drunk!" I said as he belched loudly 

"You know Lissa I really like you but... (coughs) I can't believe i.... Sir Rodney said as my eye widened in shock. 

I managed to help him out of the study room to the sitting room. 

He kept laughing senselessly and that made me smile. 

I tried helping him up but we suddenly fell on the couch and I sat on his laps. 

He stared at me and I felt really shy and tried to stand but he caught me by my waist and drew his lips close to mine. 

Before I could say something, our lips were already glued to each others 💋

   Skyler's Pov:

"Where could my nightie be? It's my favorite" I said searching as i decided to go downstairs to ask Miss Rachel. 

I walked downstairs and saw it hanged on the stairs rod. 

"Here it is" I said as i picked it up 

I was about to leave when I heard a noise and turned on the light. 

"My goodness!" I yelled..... 


To be continued.... 


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